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We invite you to join our growing community of supporters who are standing up for British wildlife. Membership starts from just £3 per month, find the package that’s right for you below.

By becoming a Member, not only do you help a great cause, but you get exclusive discounts on courses, events and our holiday accomodation, as well as much more. Take a look.

By becoming a valued Member, you’re helping us to:

  • Continue a holistic approach to conservation, managing for habitats rather than individual species.
  • Build on a solid foundation of over 25 years of ecological restoration work across the site.
  • Keep our 40 acre nature reserve and over 3 miles of footpaths and boardwalks open to the public, year round and free of charge.
  • Teach others about the wonders of the natural world and the threats that face it.
  • Make us a success story that can inspire other landowners to take action for wildlife on their own land.

Ongoing Projects That Your Membership Can Fund:

  • Native woodland restoration.
  • Renewal and replacement of nest boxes for small birds and owls.
  • Employment and equipping of a site manager
  • Footpath maintenance and repair.
  • Wetland and wet meadow restoration.
  • Wildflower meadow restoration & conservation grazing with rare breed cattle.
  • Monitoring of wildlife – including birds, reptiles, wildflowers, invertebrates and more.