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Website & Social Media Links Policy

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre (DFCC) will only provide links from its website and social media channels to organisations, groups and individuals who share similar values and aims as our own. Links should provide information which is relevant and useful to DFCC visitors (virtual or otherwise) and as far as possible be a local or national contact.

We link to sites providing information and support on:

  • Conservation, biodiversity & wildlife
  • Attractions, activities and training linked to the above
  • lifestyle-related sites providing useful information on aspects of sustainability and eco-living
  • other relevant & complimentary services for DFCC visitors (i.e. children’s outdoor/nature activities, makers/suppliers of sustainable & local crafts, places to eat & buy local and organic food, individuals and groups providing nature related tours and activities)
  • we accept graphical links (i.e. logos) only under special circumstances, and we insist that these are supplied by their owners in a pre-agreed size, weight and format, with written permission for their use.

We do not link to:

  • sites that contain illegal, offensive or misleading information
  • we aim to link to local and national (Wales) based sites to ensure information is appropriate and relevant to our visitors and will only link to other sites when no equivalent website exists locally or nationally.
  • sites which are in direct competition with DFCC and are within the same catchment area
  • we do not accept advertising on our sites, nor do we charge a fee for including a link

Site links – the process

Sites who which wish to obtain a link from DFCC website or social media sites can send an e-mail to including the full html address of the site which you would like to link and a very short message about your aims and values.
A site will be assessed on accessibility, quality of information, nature of content and the way in which it handles any personal data. If a site is found to be suitable to DFCC as a whole and passes these checks, a link will be supplied. This process can take up to 2 working weeks to complete.

DFCC retains the right to reject or remove a link at any time without notice.

Making a link to us

Please observe Netiquette and ask us before you include a link to us on your site. We don’t often refuse, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • sites providing information and support on: conservation, biodiversity, wildlife and related activities and training
  • lifestyle-related sites providing useful information on aspects of sustainability and eco-living
  • sites for visitor/tourist information – because we derive a large part of our revenue from our visitors, we usually agree to be listed on these sites, but the link may only be one-way.
  • the presence of a link on any commercial site must not imply endorsement by DFCC of any product or service, unless this is subject to a formal agreement.

External links disclaimer

DFCC takes no responsibility for the content of external sites. The existence of a link to an external site or a link to DFCC sites from an external site does not imply that DFCC endorses the activities or views of that organisation.

In no event shall DFCC be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods, or services available on or through any such site or resource.

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