Biodiversity at Denmark FarmEverything is interconnected: without all the links between natural and human-created systems, our world would not function.

At Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, we aim to highlight the relationships between people and nature, exploring the value and diversity of life and landscapes.

The study of such relationships and the associated biodiversity is known as ecology, a subject that we value greatly and that is key to our work to conserve and enhance the site, its surroundings and other projects we are involved with.

Natural systems are not static – over the years the site has developed from farmland focused on the production of animals to a site of great conservation value, with woodlands, wildflower meadows, and abundant amphibians, breeding birds and a great diversity of insects.

And the changes continue – our woodlands mature, our meadows become more diverse and we introduce new components, such as our wetland water treatment system.

We learn more about and from our site through monitoring and the courses that we run, building on our understanding of how we can continue to manage the land to transform it into an even more valuable site for humans, plants and animals.

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