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The Winter we TWIGged on!

TWIG Woodland Grant

Late last year we received welcome news that we were successful with our application to the Welsh Government Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG). Since then we have had a very busy winter developing the site and making some essential improvements. We were awarded a grant of over £30,000 for our TWIG ‘Woodland Access and Inclusion’ project. … Continue reading The Winter we TWIGged on! »

Elements of Ash

ash tree

A short blogpost by guest Juliet Fay … I’ve always been drawn to ash without knowing much about it, other than the fact you can burn it green. Recently I got curious to learn more, perhaps inspired by the awareness that we are losing our Ash trees to Ash Dieback disease. Ash has different symbolism … Continue reading Elements of Ash »

Volunteer: your time for nature

Volunteer for nature: Our autumn and winter Gwaith Dros Natur programme is now available here on our website for you to check out. We have an exciting range of opportunities for you to learn about conservation and how to look after the environment, based on our unique 40 acre reserve at Denmark Farm.  Take your pick … Continue reading Volunteer: your time for nature »

Spring Arrivals

There has been a recent stream of  summer migrant birds arriving back at Denmark Farm, heralding in the Spring.  Chiff chaffs, willow warblers and blackcaps are now singing away alongside our resident blackbirds and wrens. The male pied flycatchers arrived last week, and are busy establishing territories around our numerous nest boxes and waiting for the females to … Continue reading Spring Arrivals »

If you go down to the woods today – you never know what you might find!

This strange-looking object was found amongst the leaf litter by a keen-eyed volunteer during our recent Great Nut Hunt  (thanks Sue!). This is the cross-section picture after cutting it in half. It may not look like much in this photo and as of yet it has not been formally identified to an exact species. However we … Continue reading If you go down to the woods today – you never know what you might find! »