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Spring Arrivals

There has been a recent stream of  summer migrant birds arriving back at Denmark Farm, heralding in the Spring.  Chiff chaffs, willow warblers and blackcaps are now singing away alongside our resident blackbirds and wrens. The male pied flycatchers arrived last week, and are busy establishing territories around our numerous nest boxes and waiting for the females to arrive.

Pied flycatchers are more often associated with ancient oak woodland, but the nest boxes within our 20 year old woodland seem to provide very acceptable alternative accommodation, and supplement the natural nesting holes found in older Welsh woodland.

One male is showing interest in a nest box outside the roundhouse shelter, giving excellent views:

Why not visit us  and try to spot a pied flycatcher for yourself  – our trails are open every day.  Keep your ears open too – their song is very characteristic, and can be found here  on the RSPB website.

Not sure which tweet and warble belongs to which bird? You could also join the Ceredigion Bird group field trip here on 20th May at 9 am – someone else is sure to know what’s what, and help you with identification. Everyone is welcome to join the walk.  More details can be found on the bird  blog 

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