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Wonderful waxcaps

November may not seem like the most promising time to visit Denmark farm. Even so, you can find real gems, as we did on Wednesday during our Phase 1 survey course. Whilst walking across pond field Corrine, one of the participants, spotted some bright orange fungi, almost shining in the glorious sunlight. She collected a … Continue reading Wonderful waxcaps »

Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A Valuable Skill

Anyone with land to manage would be well advised to start off with a basic survey of the habitats present. This can provide the foundations for management planning, monitoring schemes and more detailed survey work. In the UK we have a standard methodology for such surveys, known as Phase 1 Habitat Survey and here at Denmark Farm … Continue reading Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A Valuable Skill »

Flutterbies, butterflies and the bugman

identifying butterflies

Next week we are welcoming back Phil the Bugman for a Big Butterfly day at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre. Everyone is welcome to join us on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 from 10am to 4pm. With Phil’s expert guidance you will learn to identify common Butterflies, monitor their numbers and maintain their habitat. This is a free event and part … Continue reading Flutterbies, butterflies and the bugman »

Wild weather and woodland wobbles

Wednesday 12 February brought hurricane-force winds to Wales, with gusts exceeding 100mph recorded. After a long run of wet weather leading to saturated ground, it was not surprising, therefore, that many trees could not withstand the battering. Denmark Farm was no exception. On site we have many trees of different ages, including some that have … Continue reading Wild weather and woodland wobbles »