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Where the Small Things are

The Shared Earth Trust is a small independent charity which was set up in 1987. The aim was to restore 40 acres of what was once an intensively managed farm with little wildlife into a variety of habitats which are now a haven for wildlife.

In fact, over the last year or so we have discovered 3 new species for Denmark Farm!

They’re not cute and fluffy but they are the small things that are still so important and are an essential part of the food web of the wide variety of biodiversity that we have here on this nature reserve.

During our Meadows event in summer 2017, one of our local experts recorded the Roesel’s bush-cricket. This species is thought to be gradually spreading West and North in the UK in response to a warming environment and this was only the second record in Ceredigion!


Timothy GrassbugAnother recent ‘first’ for Denmark Farm was a Timothy Grassbug which was identified by an invertebrate specialist whilst carrying out bumblebee training here. What a great name!!


The third species, a water stick insect, was found recently during a Pond & Stream Invertebrate course run by expert Phil Ward (AKA Phil-the-Bugman). This had never been seen here before either!




So, the more people we have out and about on the reserve, both experts and non-experts, the more records we can collect of the wildlife we have here which helps us to conserve it. 

To enable us to provide a home for all the wildlife at Denmark Farm, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved, through volunteering, joining our membership, attending courses or staying in our holiday accommodation.

To find out more about all these amazing opportunities to get involved and support us please visit our website

Linda Bradshaw-Wood


Roesel’s Bush-cricket – Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

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