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Focus on Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

What do you think of when someone say’s the magic words ‘wildlife photography’? This was just one of the questions asked and discussed when teaching wildlife photography at Denmark Farm. It is one of those deceptive questions that at first glance has an easy answer but which quickly leads to hard realities. On asking this … Continue reading Focus on Wildlife Photography »

Want to learn new skills this autumn?

The Denmark Farm Conservation Centre Autumn Training Programme is packed full of exciting workshops for all interests. Whether you want to extend your knowledge of conservation and species identification or learn a new sustainable craft  you will find something for you. There’s even a ‘Wild in the Woods’ event for kids at half term too. … Continue reading Want to learn new skills this autumn? »

2020 VISION at Denmark Farm

This week, Denmark Farm hosted a visit from a camera crew from the  “2020vision” project. This is an exciting new multimedia project, visiting 20 locations over 20 months using 20 professional cameramen and photographers (including well-known names such as Chris Packham and Charlie Hamilton James from BBC’s Springwatch). 2020vision describe themselves as  “PR agents for … Continue reading 2020 VISION at Denmark Farm »