Walking for Wildlife – 21 miles or bust!

The Proclaimers once sang about walking 500 miles and then, if that wasn’t enough, apparently wanted to “walk 500 more”.

Whilst the melody was great, the idea was plainly ridiculous. Obviously what they meant to sing was “If I could walk ten and a half miles, and I could walk ten and a half more, then I would’ve walked 21 miles which is how far the Walking for Wildlife Challenge is”. OK, it doesn’t rhyme. Or scan. But it is at least accurate.

Yes, a small team of Denmark Farm supporters have entered into a local walking challenge, in order to raise some much needed funds for wildlife at Denmark Farm.

Who are these intrepid (or should that say stupid?) walkers? They are, in no particular order, Mara, Sioned, Guy, Aline and Jon. At least one of these people ought to know better.

The challenge will take place on Saturday 28th April 2018 and involves walking (or running!) twenty-one miles between the seaside town of Aberaeron, along the Aeron Valley, passing by close by Denmark Farm and finishing in the University Town of Lampeter.

Starting in the pretty seaside town of Aberaeron on the Ceredigion Coast, this 21 mile route goes inland on the old railway line up to the Llanerchaeron estate. From there, the route goes through woodlands, fields and quiet roads along the Aeron Valley, before descending into Lampeter. 

 walking wildlife  

The event has been organised by Hydro Dragon – see their Facebook page for more details.

As well as this being a huge personal challenge (we are not sure whether we can carry enough chocolate for example), the team are very keen that their endeavours help raise funds for the conservation work and wildlife at Denmark Farm and have set up a fundraising page where everyone can donate whatever they can afford.


So do please give whatever you can spare and help us preserve the wildlife in this amazing conservation area. On behalf of the blue tits, robins, owls, Roesel’s bush crickets and everything else that chooses Denmark Farm as their home, THANK YOU!

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