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News just in, from a breeding bird survey carried out at Denmark Farm this spring …

Our surveyor, Ian Morris,  found that 199 pairs of birds are using our 40 acres to breed and he recorded a total of 45 different species.  Studies undertaken in previous years  have suggested that the number of birds here is possibly ten times higher than on the surrounding farmland. Definitely something to tweet about!

These results demonstrate the dramatic improvements that can be achieved for local wildlife if appropriate land management occurs. This is not to say that everything is static. As the site continues to mature birds associated with more open habitats have declined whilst those favouring mature woodland appear to have increased.

A very visible and significant species here at Denmark Farm is the Pied Flycatcher, a summer migrant from West Africa. National surveys indicate that their population has halved in the last 25 years. Sixteen singing males were possibly present here this spring, and utilised our plentiful bird boxes for nesting. Without this provision it is likely they would be absent.

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