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To boldly go, where no mobility scooter has gone before …

Earlier in the year we featured a guest blog post by Rachel Stelmach about her adventures at Denmark Farm with her faithful hound ‘Trevor‘. We are now delighted to add an update to this post after developing more of our pathways and providing better access for all.

We are very grateful to the Catalyst Cymru Broadening Horizons project who have partnered us up with Disability Wales, for a local group project visit in early 2024. Catalyst Cymru have kindly also provided funding to improve access pathways around the south west side of the nature reserve to enable visitors with restricted mobility to reach the lakeside.

There have been several stages to this project. Firstly, we added ramps to some of the existing lengths of boardwalk and bridges. These previously had a step up onto them creating a barrier to those with mobility difficulties.

Secondly, Ryan and the conservation volunteers have been laying down interconnecting plastic grids (made from 100% recycled plastic) onto the soil. These have then been backfilled with gravel along muddy stretches of the pathway.

And finally, we are clearing a zig zag path as an alternative route to steps which lead from the lake and onwards around the trails. This is an extension the the original project to create a complete loop/circular trail around the nature reserve,

Rachel, who lives very locally, has been testing out some of the new paths for us and says …

Freedom to roam is not a small matter and, grateful though I have always been for the areas of Denmark Farm I’ve been able to access over the years, having new areas to extend our adventures to is a real bonus for us. Being able to see a rainbow form as we came past the lake I’d never been to before. Being able to see different fungi I would have been unaware of before. And being able to break off and drive across the pond field full of colourful waxcaps and their meadow dwelling friends.

All those things are what I’m grateful for. I’m grateful to Ryan and the volunteers who cut a swathe through the brambles and undergrowth so that my wheels can bypass the set of steps up to or down from the pond. That must have been a hard day’s graft. And for the ropes attached to the gate. Big things and little things all conspiring to make us very happy adventurers. 

Thank you from Rachel and Trevor

This is not the end of the story, as over the next few years we plan to keep improving our trails and adding new features enabling more people the enjoyment of reaching every corner of this special nature reserve.

This activity is funded by the Catalyst Cymru Community Grant Scheme, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, administered by WCVA. Thanks to National Lottery Players.

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