The Great Newt Hunt has begun!

The Great Easter Newt Hunt is back for 2013, and continues throughout April!

The Newt Hunt website contains all the information you need to carry out this simple survey, and explains how to identify the newts you find in your garden pond. Your sightings can then be submitted via the website. The organisers are especially keen for you to submit your sightings of smooth and palmate newts. This national survey will then use your information to create a garden newt map and provide advice on newt conservation in gardens.

male smooth newt

Male smooth newt showing wavy,  continuous crest and spotty body


We have a number of opportunities here at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre to learn more about newts and other amphibians and reptiles over the coming weeks. From 20-22 April (10 am to 5 pm, ) we have an ‘Understanding Amphibians’ training course, which will provide an introduction to the amphibian species native to Wales.

Next, we’ll be carrying out our own newt surveys at our volunteer day on April 27th, so why not join us?

Plans are also afoot to make a ‘hibernaculum’. These structures can be made from piles of rubble, rocks, logs and earth banks and provide a safe haven for amphibians and reptiles. There will also be an Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust volunteer day here at Denmark Farm on May 5th – all welcome.

For any further information about these amphibious activities, please contact us.



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