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Volunteer: your time for nature

Volunteer for nature: Our autumn and winter Gwaith Dros Natur programme is now available here on our website for you to check out. We have an exciting range of opportunities for you to learn about conservation and how to look after the environment, based on our unique 40 acre reserve at Denmark Farm.  Take your pick … Continue reading Volunteer: your time for nature »

A Tale of Two Mice (and other monitoring projects)

The philosophy for the management of our 40 acre site at Denmark Farm has always been minimal intervention, and a holistic approach. This means that rather than managing the land for a particular species, we encourage a diverse mosaic of habitats – including woodland, marshland, grassland and ponds – and then sit back and see what turns up! To identify some of the species which choose … Continue reading A Tale of Two Mice (and other monitoring projects) »

Go Nuts For Dormice!

On Saturday 19th November, from 2-4pm, the first ever Great Nut Hunt will take place at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, near Lampeter. Signs of dormice have recently been found at Denmark Farm and nest boxes have been erected to help conservationists monitor these rare animals. However, dormice also open hazel nuts in a distinctive way and, … Continue reading Go Nuts For Dormice! »