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Things can only get wetter!

The capacity of natural processes to renew and clean water is amazing.  Soil filters water on its way to wells and springs.  Plants and microorganisms act as a biological purifier.  At Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, we are harnessing these natural attributes to create a Wetland Ecosystem Treatment (WET) System, in anticipation of increased sewerage loads … Continue reading Things can only get wetter! »

Fancy going ‘batty’ this summer?

If so, there are still some places left on our Understanding British Bats course, as well as these other conservation courses: 17-19 June: Flowering Plants 23 June: Restoring Wildflower meadows 24-26 June: Grasses, Sedges and Rushes 1-3 July: British Mammals 8 – 10 July: Entomology 12-14 August: Understanding British Bats 16 Sept: Foraging Food for … Continue reading Fancy going ‘batty’ this summer? »