Sponsor a Bird Box Project

In 1985 only 15 species of bird nested around the Denmark Farm site, but now an average of 46 species breed, totaling over 200 pairs on just 40 acres. This represents an amazing biodiversity and proves that this wonderful habitat can support large numbers of birds.

The humble robin has given us one our favorite good news stories with around twenty five pairs nesting each year. In the past, there have been as many as a hundred nest boxes at Denmark Farm and perhaps the most significant species they have supported is the Pied Flycatcher, with up to twenty pairs breeding.

Click here for more information about breeding birds at Denmark Farm.

Unfortunately, many of these boxes are in a state of disrepair and will need replacing in future years if this iconic summer migrant is to continue to thrive.

This year, limited funds have been spent on four long lasting woodcrete boxes for its endangered relative, the Spotted Flycatcher, which in 2014 chose to breed in the flue of the wood burner in the yurt.

Over the nest couple of years we aim to replace as many of the nest boxes as we can. That’s where you come in!

How would you like to provide a safe nesting place for a bird and at the same time get a truly original gift for your nature loving friend or family member?

We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor a bird box at Denmark Farm. With a choice of boxes to support different species and a range of gifts to suit your budget. All gift recipients will receive a thank you card with a location map marking the new nest box. 

As an extra we can monitor your box for you and provide you with feedback for two years, letting you know if your box has been successful and if so which species it supported.

Please allow at least two weeks for the box to be sited if you’d like the gift installed by a specific date (i.e. Christmas or a Birthday). 

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