Seasonal crafts that won’t cost the earth!

Already starting to worry about Christmas?. Buying cards, presents and getting your home looking good can put a lot of pressure on us as individuals, our pockets and most importantly the environment. It doesn’t need to be like that though. There are so many ideas for items that you can make yourself that are simple, beautiful and either free or very low-cost.

We have two lovely workshops coming up that will offer you all the inspiration (and know how) you need for a homemade and more natural Christmas.

Firstly, on Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th Nov The Big  Basket Weekend will take place.  Suitable for complete beginners to make one or two smaller baskets. Or, for those who have made a basket before, this  will be a chance to make something a bit bigger like a rustic log basket or larger shopper.

With expert guidance from Melissa Holloway – crafts person and   story-teller. Using basketry willow and also incorporating locally collected hedgerow materials to make a truly stunning,  individual and useful basket to take home. The cost is just £70 per person which includes all willow.  Just 2 places left!


Then, on Saturday 3rd Dec we have a two-part Natural & Recycled Christmas Crafts workshop with local crafts person and textiles expert Hannah Cutler.

In the morning we will focus on Natural Decorations made from natural, organic and hedgerow materials, and you can choose which stunning seasonal decorations to make,  from pomanders to berry hearts or candle holders, using festive natural fragrances

In the afternoon we will look at Recycled Materials – get creative with different materials, from last year’s Christmas cards to scraps of materials, to create handmade decorations for your home. These are small projects which will be demonstrated at the beginning so you can choose which projects to work on.

Both these workshops cost just £20 each per person and include all materials.

For any of these workshops please book online at  or get in touch if you have any questions

Hannah Cutler has kindly given us some instructions for a very simple Seasonal Candle Holder that we can all make for a little festive cheer

Items needed;

Clean glass jam jar with label removed, PVA glue, Seasonal hedgerow gatherings, Jute/garden twine or other string, Scissors and Thin wire.

1. Cover the threaded top of the jar with PVA glue and wrap with string until covered.  This gives a nice finish to the top of the jar but can also be missed out to make a quicker version of the candle holder.

2. Arrange greenery into a small bunch and bind with wire to secure.  Once you are happy with the arrangement you can cover the wire with string, leaving a long tail to attach the bunch to the jar.
3. Once the PVA has dried, take another length of string to create a handle.  Tie this around the jar leaving a loop at the top as the handle and fix back to the string.
4. You can now tie on the bundle of greenery.
5.  It’s now ready for a candle.  If you want to stand the jar on a surface then put a small amount of sand in the bottom to avoid it getting hot and leaving a mark.  Alternatively hang in a tree out side or make a small arrangement at your front door for some festive sparkle.

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