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Denmark Farm Conservation Centre has become a public drop off for several types of hard to recycle plastics, as part of the Terracycle recycling programme.

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TerraCycle offer a range of free national recycling programmes in partnership with brands, manufacturers and retailers around the world to enable collectors to recycle their hard-to-recycle waste. TerraCycle believes that instead of wasting the planet’s resources, we are able to create a circular economy by recycling our commodities and together we can make an even better impact on our planet.
TerraCycle recycle a wide range of waste streams and turns them into garden furniture, watering cans, outdoor play and sports equipment. The waste streams include many plastic items which are not currently recycled by local councils. 
Denmark Farm is getting involved in recycling for a host of reasons. Firstly, it helps to raise awareness of recycling, single use plastics and the environmental impacts of these. We also aim to show people that all these plastics can actually be recycled and to create a greater demand for the service. That way our government and local councils may one day see that they are really missing opportunities and start to think more creatively about recycling.
Ultimately we all need to stop buying and using single use plastic, but this is a period of  transition and we need to wait for manufacturers to catch up with this movement for change. In the meantime TerraCycle are offering solutions which should be offered by our government.
And finally, for every kilogram of clean sorted recycling we send to TerraCycle, they pay our charity (The Shared Earth Trust) approximately £1 to help us look after wildlife at Denmark Farm. In our first year of taking part we have recycled approximately 100 kg of plastics and raised around £100.
That means we have now helped prevent 100 kg of plastic end up in landfill.
We are taking part in just three of TerraCycle’s many programmes and full details of what we can and can not accept are listed on our website. 
Many thanks for supporting this recycling programme.
Recycling for TerraCycle

Coming up soon … Inconvenience Workshop … Saturday 1st February 2020

We are caught up in a consumer society with convenience being sold with the disposable products we now buy that can save us time in our lives. But their creation and disposal produces other impacts on the planet, what if things could be done differently?

Come join our introduction to “Inconvenience” workshop with ideas to “ditch the disposable and unplug”. Learn how to make everyday items for personal care and the home that can be washed and reused and reduce reliance on “throw away” items.

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