Recycling for TerraCycle

*** Please note we are soon stopping accepting waste for TerraCycle due to changes in the service. Our final collection will be in the first two weeks of October. Please do not bring any items after 15th Oct 2021. ***

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre is working with TerraCycle – an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste.

TerraCycle offer a range of free national recycling programmes in partnership with brands, manufacturers and retailers around the world to enable collectors to recycle their hard-to-recycle waste. TerraCycle believes that instead of wasting
the planet’s resources, we are able to create a circular economy by recycling our commodities and together we can make an even better impact on our planet.

TerraCycle recycle a wide range of waste streams and turns them into garden furniture, watering cans, outdoor play and sports equipment. The waste streams include many plastic items which are not currently recycled by local councils. 

The waste streams which we collect at Denmark Farm are:

1) pet food pouches and dry pet food & treat flexible plastic packaging.
Please ensure that these are completely washed out and  thoroughly dried first. We store these until we have enough to send and those that still contain traces of food or are wet can pong a bit. We will need to dispose of any which are not clean and dry.
2) crisps, nuts, pretzels and popcorn packets.
Please completely empty packets of waste food products. Keep packets flat as they will be put through a shredder and any knotted or tightly folded will get discarded.
Each of the above waste streams should be kept separated from each other (i.e. all pet food pouches in one bag and Crisps etc in another bag). 
Please do not include any additional items other than those listed above. It is very time consuming for our staff and volunteers sorting these out and they will need to be put into landfill. We regularly receive sweet wrappers, coffee pouches, yogurt pot lids and even apple cores and crusts!!
There is usually a staff member on site Mon to Fri 9-5 but best to phone first to check as our staff are all part time.
Phone: 01570 493358  … Or send us an e-mail
For every kg of clean sorted recycling we send to TerraCycle, they pay our charity (The Shared Earth Trust) approximately £1 to help us look after wildlife at Denmark Farm. In our first two years of taking part we have recycled approximately 200kg of plastics and raised around £200.
Many thanks for supporting this recycling programme and helping us to improve the environment.