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Full Set – Conservation Booklets 1 to 5


Full set of Five Denmark Farm Conservation Booklets.


Full set of Denmark Farm Conservation Booklets

Pdf format digital 18-22 page booklets


  • Booklet 1 – Transforming Intensively-Managed Grassland
  • Booklet 2 – Conservation for Water & Wetland Species
  • Booklet 3 – Restoring & Managing Damp Pasture
  • Booklet 4 – Restoring, Creating and Managing Small Ponds
  • Booklet 5 -Designing & Constructing Large Ponds & Lakes

Please note digital downloads will only be available for seven days from the date purchased. You will need to download and save the document in order to able to access it after seven days.

These e-booklet are based on publications originally created by Barbara Taylor and Neil Taylor.

All illustrations are by Tom McOwatt and photographs by Neil Taylor except where there is an individual credit.


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