Booklet 3. Restoring and Managing Damp Pastures (Paper)


Twenty page conservation booklet ‘Restoring And Managing Damp Pastures’ – Booklet 3


Paper format 20 page bi-lingual (Welsh/English) colour booklet


  • Restoring And Managing Damp Pastures 
  • Transforming Your Rye-Grass Fields into Damp Pastures 
  • Changing the Management of the Fields 
  • Creating Structural Variety
  • Breaking Up the Field Drainage System
  • Watching the Transition 
  • Looking at One of Our Damp Pastures: Gorse Field 
  • How Can I Learn More? 

This is a publication originally created by Barbara Taylor and Neil Taylor.

All illustrations are by Tom McOwatt and photographs by Neil Taylor except where there is an individual credit.

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