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Patterns in Nature

The recent snowy weather has revealed patterns that we might not see otherwise.

  • Tracks leading to a regular hideaway beneath the bushes:


  • A small mammal’s exit (or entrance!) hole emerging from a grassy tussock:


  • A predator stalking its prey:


  • Snowy patches on tree trunks, showing how uneven surfaces collect or slow down water, encouraging mosses to grow there:


There are some mysteries too – why did the ice on our lake formed these strange circles?


Even though the snow has gone (for now!) why not go out and look for nature’s signposts for yourself? There is plenty of opportunity at  Denmark Farm to do your own nature detective work  – our trails are open all year round (don’t forget your wellies). This tree, for example, only has orange lichen on one side. Which direction is the lichen facing and why?!


If you’d like to find out more about mammals and their tracks and signs, we have two British mammal courses this summer: Understanding British Mammals 1 (gnawers, nibblers and insect crunchers)  from 22-24 June,  and Understanding British Mammals 2 (predators and hunters) from 20 – 22 July.

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