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Take part in Nest Box Week

It is advisable to have your nest box installed by November if you want it to be used the following year – this gives birds time to get used to it before the breeding season – although you can put them up as late as February. However, it may take several years before a new box is used so be patient.

It’s not too late to install a nest box, over the next few weeks, and this week it is National Nest Box Week. Have a look at the RSPB’s good advise on how to site a nest box.

During this past winter we have sited another 10 nest boxes around Denmark Farm as part of our Gwaith Dros Natur and our Sponsor a Nest Box Projects. There are still a few nest boxes remaining, awaiting sponsorship, including a very ‘des res’ owl nest box. If you choose to sponsor one of these we can site it for you at Denmark Farm, send you a map with the exact location marked and as an optional extra send you feedback for up to two years on who it’s providing a home for. Nest boxes can also be bought as a gift for wildlife loving friends and family.

If you’d like to learn more about our native songbirds you are invited to join us for our FREE Early Spring Birdsong Walk on Sunday 8th March 2015.

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