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My Tree Our Forest

Every household in Wales can collect and plant a tree as over 50 hubs open across the country

Denmark Farm is taking part in the My Tree, Our Forest initiative, an ambitious Welsh Government and Coed Cadw project which will offer every household in Wales a tree, free of charge.

Denmark Farm is one of 50 hubs located across Wales where people can collect their tree; in this phase there are 295,000 trees up for grabs.

It follows a promise made by Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters in December last year, that every household in Wales would be offered a free tree

​​Ten different species of native and broadleaf trees are available to choose from. These are: Hazel; Rowan; Hawthorn; Silver Birch; Crab Apple; Sessile Oak; Dogwood; Dog Rose; Field Maple; and Elder.

All trees will be native, broadleaf species that will grow into small-medium sized trees suitable for gardens and smaller spaces, and will come with planting instructions. As they mature they’ll lock up carbon, fight the effects of climate change and support wildlife.

On-site volunteers, including members of the Llais y Goediwg Community Woodland Network, will advise members of the public which of the species available through the scheme is most suitable for their space and how to care for their tree. 

The Denmark Farm tree hub will be open to the public from Tuesday 21st February to Friday 31st March 2023, 10am – 4pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


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Welsh Government has teamed up with Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales to  deliver the My Tree, Our Forest project. 

Speaking ahead of the regional hubs opening, Deputy Minister for Climate Change  Lee Waters said: “Trees are a lifeline to us and all of the amazing life that they support. Where would our birds, insects and animals be without them… where would we be without them?

“I want everyone in Wales to check out our website to find your nearest tree giveaway hub and pick up your free broadleaf tree. On site, our wonderful volunteers will be ready with their expert advice to help you choose the right tree for your space and situation.

“As COP27 draws to a close in Egypt, our continued Team Wales effort in fronting up to the climate and nature emergencies is essential.

“By growing a beautiful tree in your own backyard, you can kickstart your contribution and help grow a healthy and happy Wales for us and our future generations to benefit from.”

In order to become a Net Zero Wales by 2050, experts have advised that Wales must plant 86 million trees over the next decade.

“I would like to thank all involved at Coed Cadw for partnering with us to deliver this project and I look forward to seeing its impact on our environment.”

Natalie Buttriss, Director of Coed Cadw said: “Trees have always offered simple and cost-effective solutions to the challenges we all face and through the My Tree Our Forest initiative, we hope to inspire people from all backgrounds, regions and walks of life to get involved, and as a result, feel more connected to the multiple benefits that trees can bring.”




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