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“A Dizzying Mosaic of Colour”

This week summer has returned to Denmark Farm, along with all the butterflies and the campers. 

During a peaceful lunchtime stroll around the meadows I was reminded of the wonderful passage in Miriam Darlington’s ‘Otter Country – In search of the wild otter’ about her stay on the Eco campsite at Denmark Farm: 

“we set out into the grass with a fluttering hem of butterflies around our legs. Their wings spray the grasses with powdery golds, speckles, browns and ambers”.

Denmark Farm Eco Campsite - MeadowsThe Eco-campsite at Denmark Farm

Denmark Farm was one of the locations around the UK where she sought out the elusive mammal, the otter.


“Otter Country – In search of the wild Otter”

Miriam camped overnight in this very same meadow where the yurt now stands, and joined one of our Mammal courses. As she walks across the fields to the lake in her search, her description continues:

“the gauzy rust colours of sorrel and rushes mingle with buttercup yellows and deep greens. The swaying blend of colourful stalks and flowers makes a dizzying mosaic of colour”

Miriam’s book gives a beautiful insight into the vision held by the founders of our charity ‘The Shared Earth Trust’, and is a recommended read, especially if you are planning a visit. On the wintry day of the yurt-raising, this ‘dizzying mosaic of colour’ seemed a long way off, but just a few months later the site is “glowing with ebullient, undeniable, unstoppable life”.

To experience the “dizzying mosaic of colour” for yourself,  why not book a stay in the Eco campsite? We’re open from May until October. The yurt can be booked for two or more night stays throughout the season, with all the benefits of camping:  big starry nights, bird song at breakfast, fresh air and peace and quiet, without the hassle of packing all your camping gear. 

You can check availability and book online here.


And if you were wondering – yes, Miriam Darlington did indeed see an otter at Denmark Farm!

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