Marvellous moths and perfect pollinators

June 8th to 16th June is Wales biodiversity week, and to celebrate this, a week of wildlife-themed events is being held across Wales.  At Denmark Farm, we are holding a ‘Marvellous moths’ night with Ceredigion moth group on Thursday 13th June from 8.30 to 10 pm, followed by a moth ‘morning after’ session at 10 am on Friday 14th June.

Elephant hawk moth – Deilephila elpenor

 The evening session will be an indoor talk and outdoor discovery session, followed by a moth-trap opening on Friday morning. Both sessions are free, and are particularly suitable for children and beginners (booking not required).

If moths are your thing, we also have a moth workshop on Friday 2nd August from 10 am to 4.30 pm, where you can find out more about their ecology, and how to identify these fascinating creatures of the night (and sometimes day!). Book your place on our website, or call 01570 493358.

Did you know that some moths are excellent pollinators?   Bees usually spring to mind when we think of pollinators, but moths also perform this vital task by transferring pollen between wildflowers as they search out nectar.

Our ‘Wildlife Where you Live‘ communities have been helping pollinators by planting-up  wooden planters and beds across several of our communities with pollinator-friendly, low maintenance plants. Here are just a few of them at Tregaron, Pontrhydfendigaid and Ciliau Aeron, but look out for others in Llangybi, Cellan, and Borth:


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Planting-up Woodblocx planters with pollinator-friendly plants at Tregaron, Bont and Ciliau Aeron

The Welsh Assembly Government are currently developing their Action Plan for Pollinators to help us identify how we might slow and reverse the decline in pollinator numbers. Anyone can submit comments on the draft action plan until 4th June. In the meantime, we can all do our bit to help by planting more pollinator-friendly plants  in our own gardens and schools.



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