Late summer visitors at Denmark Farm

Red admiral butterflies are still on the wing, and may continue to be seen on mild sunny days  – one was seen at Denmark Farm today near ‘farm pond’ , braving the cooler weather.  Late-flowering species such as ivy and buddleia provide a good source of nectar for butterflies at this time of year, and are a valuable (and colourful) addition to gardens.

Why not have a half-term visit to see a variety of other wildlife, and the autumnal colours at Denmark Farm? Directions can be found at:

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Facilities & Events Manager at Denmark Farm, often making the coffee and showing people where to park!

One thought on “Late summer visitors at Denmark Farm”

  1. Karen

    We had two Red Admirals feeding on our Ivy and some late french marigolds yesterday. Its great to see them still around.

    L Brefi

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