Keen for Kestrels

We have been lucky to be part of an ambitious project to increase the very small breeding
population of Kestrels in Ceredigion. Though still common in England, less than a hundred 

pairs breed in Wales. A limiting factor locally is thought to be a lack of suitable nest sites 
and with this in mind the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has since 2008 been 
installing boxes throughout the county.  
Mike Hayward, Richard Hartnup and Steve Cuttle have now installed a box at Denmark Farm and
we are hoping that the rodent rich grassland might be able to support a pair. All we can do 
now is wait with fingers crossed. Even if Kestrels are not attracted to the site other species 
such as Owls, Jackdaws or Stock Doves might find them ideal. 
Time will tell.

Kestrel/windhover by Vaughn Matthew

Kestrel Nest Box

Richard, Mike and Steve with the Denmark Farm Kestrel Box 

Another project currently running is ‘Bird Box for Life’. We are desperate to replace some of our many missing and damaged nest boxes around the site, particularly to provide boxes for Pied Flycatchers, Spotted Flycatchers and Tawny Owls. We are offering you an opportunity to sponsor a bird nest box at Denmark Farm as a gift for a wildlife loving friend. There is a choice of styles of bird boxes to attract different species and we’ll even monitor and provide feedback for an optional extra. We have already bought three new boxes with thanks to our generous supporters and planning to install these in time for the next breeding season. 
Monitoring bird box

Ian Morris monitoring bird nest boxes at Denmark Farm

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