A Prickly Tale – The Sequel

You may remember our most read blog post from last year ‘A Prickly Tale – Hedgehog Rescue‘.


Spike Bach – Autumn 2015

‘Spike Bach’ (a juvenile hedgehog) was found wandering around at Denmark Farm last autumn, very underweight and disorientated. After a brief period of being looked after by Denmark Farm staff she was taken to the Carmarthenshire Bat and Hedgehog Hospital. Thankfully, with their wonderful care and attention, she made it through the winter and achieved a good weight, ready to come back to Denmark Farm Conservation Centre.


Spike Bach – April 2016




We collected her (with a mate) yesterday and released them both at a secret location.

We’re hoping that the wonderful biodiversity and excellent habitats that we have at Denmark Farm, can support a healthy population of hedgehogs. We certainly have all the right ingredients to create a hedgehog paradise: plenty of log piles containing insects for food and providing safe nesting places, and areas of long grass and well-managed hedges.

These hedgehog habitats can be created on a smaller scale in your own garden by leaving areas of the garden ‘wild’, with piles of leaf litter and logs.

If you’d like to help us manage the habitats at Denmark Farm, for hedgehogs and other wildlife, we have a regular volunteer programme and new volunteers are always welcome.


2 thoughts on “A Prickly Tale – The Sequel”

  1. Nicola Hart

    I have hedgehogs coming into my garden and intend to create wild areas for them to enjoy. Is it good to put food down for them? If so what is best?

    1. Mara Post Author

      Hi Milly, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society suggest leaving out a small bowl of canned pet food, and plenty of water. (DON’T give them cows milk). Hope this helps.

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