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Have a Voice and Support The Shared Earth Trust

This summer we are introducing a new style ‘Membership‘ of the Shared Earth Trust.

For a modest subscription, and with membership benefits ranging from discounted courses to free accommodation in our stunning new Eco Lodge, we invite you to take an active part in Denmark farm’s future.

Join us in membership of this jewel in the heart of Ceredigion, and help to support this local environmental charity, and assist in enhancing and developing the range of courses and educational opportunities delivered here. Have a voice in the future of this unspoiled 40 acres through our Members’ Event, and revel in the biodiversity and tranquility of these natural surroundings. Visit for the day, or stay longer in the newly built Self Catering Eco Lodge, Bunkhouse or Eco Campsite.

The tangible support of our Members is much appreciated, and recognised through regular communication and consultation, and through this new scheme we trust that future generations in particular will continue to enjoy this special place as they experience, and learn about, bio diversity on their doorstep.

For full details of our various Membership opportunities, with benefits and subscription costs, please click here.

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre DSC01930 (2) aerial photo DSC02403
Wildlife rich hay meadow
Photo – Ross Hoddinott 2020Vision
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