Grand Winter Raffle

Ready to draw the raffle

Ready to draw the raffle

Many thanks to everyone involved in our  Grand Winter Raffle – the first time we’ve attempted such a thing! We raised £700 from ticket sales as well as additional donations at each of the craft events. This sort of fundraising is really important for a small charity like The Shared Earth Trust, but more than this, creating the prizes led to the formation of a lovely group of crafters who enjoyed meeting, talking, being creative and sharing cake! Plans are already afoot for more meetings to create a tree of life wall-hanging to display at Denmark Farm… accompanied by the ubiquitous cake, of course!

A lovely lunch

A lovely lunch

The draw took place on Thursday 5 March following a ‘thank you’ lunch to which all the local contributors were invited. Between us we’d made six friendship blankets: three pieced together By Lindsey Applegate, one sewn together by Denise Bailey then edged by me and two others entirely put together by me. Many ladies worked on the squares (and other shapes) that went into the blankets, with knitted and crochet contributions being sent from as far afield as Scotland for us to use. We also received donations of yarn that were worked up into the blankets and Denmark Farm itself contributed two prizes: a holiday in the Eco Lodge and some learning vouchers for use on any of our courses.

So, without further ado, here is the list of winners:

1st Prize (Holiday in the Eco Lodge): Sarah Robinson
2nd Prize (Blanket) – Terry Mills
3rd Prize (Blanket) – Shelagh Yeomans
4th Prize (Blanket) – Martha Thomas
5th Prize (Blanket) – Elin Siân Blake
6th Prize (Blanket) – Carol Ramaya
7th Prize (Blanket) – Doreen Daniels
8th Prize (£25 learning voucher) – Lil Tudor-Craig

Very many thanks to everyone who took part – the cake-makes and crafters, those who sold raffle tickets, those who bought raffle tickets, donators of yarn and squares and especially Mara who made sure everything ran smoothly and that my original idea was realised in such a lovely way.

Jan Martin

Check out our events calendar to see what else is coming up at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre.

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  1. Sarah

    AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! We are SO excited to have won the trip to Denmark Farm Eco Lodge 🙂 big smiley smiles from the Robinson Family 🙂 We are booked in for the end of September, many thanks to Mara for dealing so effortlessly with my dithering about that, sorry 🙂 brilliant, thank you SO much for putting up such a fantastic prize, it will do us the power of good 🙂 xxx

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