Free Summer Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to join us for a free Summer Fruit Tree Pruning workshop on Saturday 28th July 2012, from 10am-1pm. The activity will be a practical hands on training session with local expert grower Steve Hipkin of Gwynfor Growers.

This is a follow on workshop after our initial pruning day in February this year. Trees pruned in the winter should be re-visited in the summer (end of July or early August) to have additional pruning, spur-thinning and other work carried out.  This is often a neglected aspect of fruit tree management and unless it is carried out can be detrimental to the trees pruned the previous winter.

Whether you have one apple tree in the corner of your garden or an acre of orchard this workshop is for you. The day will cover all the techniques of fruit pruning in the summer, and handouts will be provided.

We will be working in the Denmark Farm forest garden within the newly designed demonstration community garden area, which is part of our Wildlife Where You Live programme.  Over the next year there will be many opportunities to get involved with creating new features and planting up in the garden. Please do let us know if you would like to be involved in these free activities.

Please bring your own sharp secateurs, if possible a small pruning saw, wear stout footwear and waterproofs if appropriate. Hot drinks and biscuits will be available.

 Places are limited and early booking is essential.

If you are interested in growing your own fruit then the chances are you grow your own vegetables too, or would like to!. The real challenge, for all vegetable growers, is to be self-sufficient all year around. We have the perfect workshop  for you coming up on the 18th August – Extending the season – Organic Vegetable Growing in Winter. Places are now filling up for this day so please do book soon.

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