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Wildlife of Nature Reserves – CANCELLED

Wildlife of Nature Reserves - CANCELLED



A Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth Ecology Course

Wildlife of Nature Reserves

During this Wildlife of Nature Reserves course, the practice of managing nature reserves to retain or re-create desired habitat conditions will be studied. 

Our understanding of what is required has grown steadily over the years and is as a result of survey, research and experimentation.
This module will concentrate on visiting such sites to examine the relationships between conservation designation and management and the bird species present. In addition the value of specific types of habitats for specific species will be considered. The course is practical and will incorporate bird identification.

Tutor: David Anning

Fees: £120 full price (£110 concessions and early bird discount available). 

Please enquire about the fee waiver scheme which applies to all Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth Courses. If you have no first degree, reside in Wales and are in receipt of certain state benefits, you may be able to get your course fees subsidised, or paid for you.


Please go to  for all bookings.


Phone: 01970 621580

Course Code: AB301E


Self catering Eco Lodgeshared dormitories and eco-camping are all available at Denmark Farm. Please book your place first with Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth and then contact us about your accommodation needs.

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All proceeds from our events and holidays are ploughed directly back into managing our 40 acre nature reserve. Thank you for your support and please do come to visit soon.

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