This is My Year – Weight loss and Wellbeing Workshop

Date(s) - 7 Feb 2022
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

An event organised by Rachel from RSWeightloss and taking place in person at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre

My approach to weight-loss is to help clients make it as personal as possible. Yes, I do have a bit of an agenda (go low-carb springs to mind!) and yes, there are lots of pieces in the jigsaw BUT it’s all about finding your way through it, starting where you’re at and seeing where you can get to. Tweaking and trying, cooking and buying, laughing and sighing… or even crying (a great way of releasing stress!). This will produce an approach that works for you and makes it far more likely to become a new lifestyle than a fixed plan that’s around for a few weeks or months before you fall back into old habits.

This Is My Year workshop, places are limited so please book in advance.

Sessions will run at Denmark Farm, 10-12 o’clock on the following Mondays:

7 February 2022
7 March 2022
11 April 2022
9 May 2022
6 June 2022
4 July 2022
1 August 2022
5 September 2022
3 October 2022
7 November 2022
5 December 2022

Cost: £40 per month; includes a two-hour workshop, a half-hour one-to-one online session with me between each workshop and membership of the private Facebook group. There’s also an option for us to walk up at Denmark Farm if we’d like to.

If you’ve got any questions, please just email me:

Book your place here

Enlightening, effective, inspiring

I think I am like a lot of women who, after having children, fall into the habit of “eating for two” long after the event and consequently the baby weight is hard to shift! I have found working with Rachel a truly enlightening and effective way to lose over two stone, in a consistent and steady way. I thought I was eating healthy foods and a relatively active person, but I have changed the way I eat and work out thanks to Rachel’s guidance. I have found a low carb and high protein diet works really well for me. Everything is tailored to you, unlike one size all fits all approaches out there in the mass market. This has been so important to the success I have achieved.

She has taught me strategies to prevent over eating and how to deal with social situations in relation to your new way of eating. One thing to state for me this has not been about dieting! It is about making sustainable new habits in relation to how you think about food and exercise. On a practical level she helped me regulate my blood sugar and as a result I have increased energy and clarity as well as an amazing weight loss.  

I am so glad to have worked with Rachel – she is a highly inspiring and fun person as well as being highly knowledgeable about health and nutrition.  She will encourage when you need it and motivate you, setting goals with you to achieve your aims.  I, and my family, have got so much out of the whole process and highly recommend RS weight loss. Thank you!

NB, Lampeter, Ceredigion



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