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Samhain Shamanic Drum Making Workshop ~ Fully Booked

Samhain Shamanic Drum Making Workshop ~ Fully Booked


30/10/2021 - 31/10/2021    
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed

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The Art of Making, a Shamanic Medicine Drum

Birth your own shamanic drum for Samhain, you’ll be guided in the powerful and humbling process of birthing your very own shamanic drum and beater. Not only will you create and connect to the Spirit of your drum (Shamanic horse), you’ll also learn to work with your Drum, how to “travel” and invoke the spirit of your drum.

This two day workshop will take place indoors at Denmark Farm and will encompass you making your own shamanic drum and beater. 

Please bring any special items you would like to attach to your drum while making it (feathers, beads, charms, hair braids, etc.).

During the workshop you will be using animal bi-products in the way of raw hide and leather. The process takes you through soaking the raw hide and stretching it over a pre-made wooden drum ring, making a handle and weaving on the back of the drum, which tensions the raw hide and makes your shamanic drum look good. After allowing the raw hide on your drum to dry and shrink for a taught fit over night. The second day will allow you time to finish off decorating your drum and drum beater. Then when everyone has finished, you will be invited to take part in a shamanic journey with your drum to find the spirit within.

Drum ring size will be between 16/18 inch diameter, and drum skin is goat velum.

Craftsman Tony Eames of Earth Encounters will help you to bring this beautiful medicine tool forth into being and journey to find the spirit within.

Course Fee: £130 per person 

Materials: £54 per person, please bring this is cash and give directly to the tutor.
Max 6 participants per workshop.

Drums are universal; there is not a country in the world, or tribe of indigenous people on record anywhere that does not make drums of some type. These drums are usually regarded as among the most precious elements of the group’s culture. Indigenous peoples in particular are inclined to surround their drums with deep significance as a spiritual or healing tool.

The shamanic drum, also known as the shaman’s horse is a medicine tool used for healing.

samhain shamanic drumThese same techniques can be used today in modern societies and they’re still as powerful as they have been for over 30,000 years. It is an ancient way in which medicine, magic and mysticism are inextricably merged. To the eyes of the shaman, illness and pain are paths in the forest, where we get lost, but can return — and shamans are the seekers of our lost souls. These techniques are so old and fundamental that they’re quite similar all over the world, used by peoples as far apart as the Amazonian Indians and the Australian aboriginals.

NB. COVID-19: This workshop will take place indoors with social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures in place.

  • There will be a smaller number of participants than usual, to allow for good social distancing
  • Everybody will be required to wear a mask (unless exempt) 
  • Please come prepared to work in a cool well ventilated room with plenty of warm clothing
  • Please also bring all of your own drinks, food, flask and cups etc.
  • There will be access to toilets and hand washing plus plenty of hand sanitiser available
If you’d like to make a weekend of it and stay at Denmark Farm, please enquire about availability in our self-contained Eco Lodge, or Shared Dormitory.
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 Drum Making
NB. Bookings for this event will close on the 15th October 2021, to allow the tutor time to purchase materials.


This event is fully booked.

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