Pond & Stream Invertebrate Life

Date(s) - 21 Sep 2018 until 23 Sep 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

A Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth Course

Identify the smaller animals of freshwater ecosystems

Do you have fond childhood memories of dipping nets into ponds to catch newts, sticklebacks and frogspawn? Adults can build on this elementary knowledge and explore further the lives of the many invertebrate animals that make up a freshwater ecosystem. Field visits will be made to ponds and streams where different sampling techniques will be used to collect aquatic organisms. With the specimens indoors, the amazing diversity, adaptations and life cycles of pond and stream invertebrates will be revealed with the aid of microscopes, identification keys and, of course, help from the tutor. The monitoring and management of ponds and streams to both assess their general status and to improve their biodiversity will be covered briefly.

Tutor: Phil Ward

Fees: £120 full price (£100 concession). 

Please enquire about the fee waiver scheme which applies to all Lifelong Learning Aberystwyth Courses. If you have no first degree, reside in Wales and are in receipt of certain state benefits, you may be able to get your course fees subsidised, or paid for you.

Early bird discounts are available as follows: 

Term 1 courses book before 27th September 2017

Term 2 courses book before 14th December 2017

Term 3 courses book before 22nd March 2018

Please go to https://www.aber.sc.uk/en/lifelong-learning/ecology/ for all bookings.

E-mail: learning@aber.ac.uk 

Phone: 01970 621580

Course Code: AB102V


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Gt diving beetle - chwilen plymiol

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