Natural Nutrition with the Seasons

Date(s) - 27 Sep 2018
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Sacred Space and Natural Rhythms

Hands on Natural Nutrition Cooking workshops, exploring our relationship with the season and ourselves, trusting the wisdom of the body.

Four cooking workshops for the novice, the inquisitive or experienced. Using the 5 element theory as a context to explore how the seasons effect changes in relation to specific body organs we will find out how to find balance and harmony within.

This series of four workshops is an introduction to The 5 Element System, forming a complete set. Giving you a clear picture of how they energetically interact and influence the body’s expression allowing for the wisdom of the body to adjust and negotiate the ever changing seasonal cycles.

We will be creating a lunch-time selection of vegetarian savoury dishes and sweet desserts to tempt the taste buds. Learn how to play with different flavours to nourish and sustain us, using high quality locally sourced ingredients.

Participants can choose to take part in any one workshop or all four dates for maximum understanding and benefit.

The workshops will take place on Thursday 29th March, Thursday 28th June , Thursday 27th September and Thursday 22nd November 2018.

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Session overview

Spring: Wood Element – Asserting ourselves

In this first work shop we will focus our attention on the Wood Element/Spring time and the associated organs Liver/gallbladder – the seat of our creativity and decision making.

Gut health and the Microbiome (bacteria that helps us digest food) Fundamental for the breakdown and absorption of nutrients.







Summer: Fire Energy – Loving ourselves

Body organs – Heart and small intestine.

Fire – The  living flame of the life force, cultivating expansive creative energy.

Autumn: Earth Energy – Nourishing ourselves

HEAR THE CALL OF THE EARTH: Embracing the Autumn season, we will be looking at the Earth Element within us: the centre point around which everything revolves.

Focusing on improved digestion and assimilation of foods and promotion of calm peaceful sustained energy.

This cooking workshop will focus our attention on the Spleen function, the sweet flavour. (Sometimes referred to as Earth energy). We will be exploring ways of nourishing this fundamental organ, creating sustained centred energy for balance and harmony in the everyday and the changing of each season.






Late Autumn / Winter: Metal element / Water Element – Reassuring ourselves

Body organs: Metal element – lungs/large intestine  Water element – Kidney/bladder.
Metal – A time to pull inward and gather our energy’s. 
Water – The still point, deep reflection. A time to refine the spiritual essence – nourishing our life force.

Tutor: Linda Davey

Linda is an inspiring and experienced teacher of food energetics /natural nutrition. Combining eastern and western philosophy’s as a basis to inform her practical and experiential skills, inspiring people’s connection to themselves and their environment.

Using fresh local seasonal ingredients (organic where possible) we will create a variety of dishes to inspire and nourish the body using simple cooking techniques for healthy eating.

Please bring a apron, chopping board and sharp knife.

“Add at least one more level to your appreciation of why it makes so much sense to create delicious meals, using the ingredients and methods that best unleash the tastes and goodness our bodies need as the season changes! I have been on a couple of courses led by Linda Davey and can thoroughly recommend her approach!” Linda Winn

Fee: £36 per individual workshop or £68 for two workshops (plus £7 per workshop for ingredients – payable in cash on the day)

Places are limited to eight participants per workshop and must be booked in advance.

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Natural Nutrition with the Seasons
2 workshops - Natural Nutrition
Natural Nutrition Spring
1 workshop - 27th Sept 2018

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