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Identification & Ecology of Fungi (SELL)


15/11/2013 - 17/11/2013    
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Type

orange peel fungus

Tutor: To be confirmed

Field work and practical examination are at the heart of of this course. You will foray for fungi while out in the field then return to the lab to examine specimens in more detail, make spore prints. Other topics covered will include the value of fungi as ecological indicators, modes of fungi growth and relative merits of eating fungi for health and nourishment!

Please go to  for all enquiries and bookings

Please enquire about the fee waiver scheme which applies to all SELL Courses. If you have no first degree reside in Wales and are in receipt of certain state benefits, you may be able to get your course fees subsidised, or paid for you.

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