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Forest Gardening


25/04/2015 - 26/04/2015    
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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A forest garden is primarily a food-producing habitat, based on the model of a natural woodland. Comprised of several layers which are usually composed of fruit and nut trees, fruit bushes, perennial vegetables and herbs, it can be tailored to fit any garden. With informed design, a forest garden will be low maintenance and highly productive for many years to come.

The course will cover:

  • Concepts and principles of forest gardening
  • Crops and other uses of forest gardens
  • Design and selection of plants
  • The basics of plant establishment and maintenance
  • An inspirational site visit to a local forest garden (during day 2).

No prior knowledge of the subject is needed, although some further gardening and fruit growing knowledge may be necessary to practice forest gardening after the course.

(Dr Angie Polkey is a permaculture and conservation adviser and teacher, who has been practising forest gardening in various forms since 1996)




Tutor: Angie Polkey

Fee: £100 (£80 if you book early**)

Please go to for all enquiries and bookings.

Please enquire about the fee waiver scheme which applies to all SELL Courses. If you have no first degree, reside in Wales and are in receipt of certain state benefits, you may be able to get your course fees subsidised.



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