Field Survey Techniques (SELL)

Date(s) - 20 May 2015 until 22 May 2015
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Field surveys and data collection are valuable skills when seeking employment in the environmental sector. This course gives a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in available techniques, which are demonstrated via simulations (mainly in practical workshops with some fieldwork). This enables many situations to be considered and the results evaluated. It also removes the necessity to `identify’ species (another valuable skill covered in the course Identifying Flowering Plants). The course covers: types of vegetation classification; how to measure abundance; standard survey methods (a brief Introduction to Phase 1 survey, National Vegetation Classification (NVC); measuring diversity and calculating indices; producing species areas curves; measuring association and similarity; sampling strategies; vegetation surveys including planning a survey and collecting data.


Fee: £90 (£80 if you book early**)

Please go to for all enquiries and bookings.

Please enquire about the fee waiver scheme which applies to all SELL Courses. If you have no first degree, reside in Wales and are in receipt of certain state benefits, you may be able to get your course fees subsidised, or paid for you.

Field survey techniques


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