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Build a Compost Toilet

Build a Compost Toilet


18/03/2017 - 19/03/2017    
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Join us for this weekend course where you will learn how to construct a simple woodland compost toilet.

A compost toilet is a dry or waterless toilet, i.e. one that doesn’t use water to take the waste somewhere else. It also allows natural processes to produce useful compost, after a resting period depending on the type of toilet.
Denmark Farm Campsite Compost Toiletcompost toiletdenmark-farm-aug-2011-009
Main benefits
    • solid waste is dealt with on site, and doesn’t have to be treated with chemicals in sewage farms, or end up in waterways, where it causes pollution and algal blooms
    • saves water – you don’t have to use one resource (pure drinking water) to flush away another (fertiliser)
    • organic matter is allowed to go back to the soil where it belongs, improving soil structure and nutrition

Other benefits

  • no chemical cleaners or bleaches are used in the toilet
  • they don’t contribute to the sewage sludge that is often dumped in landfill, or more controversially, put on to agricultural land uncomposted
  • as long as the decomposition is aerobic, there will be no greenhouse gas emissions
  • no electricity needed
  • very low resource use – no pipes are needed to transport waste to a sewage farm, and no truck needed to remove solid waste

On this course you will be taken through the basics of different design types of compost toilets, as well as taking part in the construction of a simple woodland compost toilet here at Denmark Farm. You will have the opportunity to learn basic timber framing techniques and peg construction, using hand tools including;  a hand saw, brace and bit, draw knife, shave horse and a chisel.

We will be working outside throughout the weekend so please wear appropriate clothing, as well as sturdy boots. Please also bring waterproofs.

Tutor: Craftsman Tony Eames of Earth Encounters

Fee: £100 waged / £80 low and unwaged / per person 

If you require accommodation whilst participating in this workshop we have a range of options to suit all requirements at Denmark Farm. From £18 per night in a shared dormitory, to £33 per night (min 2 nights) in a private room in our self-catering Eco Lodge.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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