Cob Oven Building Workshop

Date(s) - 22 Apr 2017 until 23 Apr 2017
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Two full on days working alongside Matthew Lloyd from The Fabulous Cob Oven Co. taking you through the process of designing and cob oven building.

Using a cob oven is a centuries-old way of baking. Perfect, then, for the 21st Century foodie.

Why cob? Because using cob allows you to build your own oven. Building with cob is fun!

Cob is a material with a clean conscience. Using the clay from under our feet, mixed with sand and straw, it has been a staple building material to millions across the globe for millennia. In the Americas they call it adobe. No energy-hungry cement is used in the mix, and no machinery is required for construction. This is a truly accessible and sustainable method of building that connects us to our environment, and nourishes both our soul and our body.









Wood-fired ovens are becoming a foodie must-have.

Your BBQ will gather cobwebs while you explore the delights of roasting and baking in a way that lights up your senses. Your roasts will be succulent and your pizzas will cook in seconds. Nothing beats a cob oven for the centre of attention at a party. Everyone will want to try their hand at baking a pizza, and will gather around the oven long into the night.

Burning wood is a low carbon process. No fossil fuel here. This is sustainable cooking, and if you burn fruit woods you’ll be adding a very special accent to your dishes indeed.

A cob oven isn’t just about pizza. You’ll be baking bread, roasting vegetables, broiling meats – the only limit is your imagination.IMG_6134 Learn to embrace this relaxed style of cooking which also provides an evening’s entertainment. You’ll be heading back to the larder in search of more ingredients to try out. Prepare to inspire the creative chef in you!

There are a growing number of ready-made wood-fired ovens on the market, yours for around £1500 upwards. A cob oven, however, can be made for as little as £60. Matthew will show you how you can covering materials, techniques and processes.

This will be a hands on workshop, learning techniques whilst helping to rebuild a cob oven at a nearby community centre. We will meet each morning at Denmark Farm and travel together. A homemade lunch is included in the cost, please do let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Expect to get muddy, be prepared to get addicted to cob oven building and have heaps of fun in the process!

If you’d like to take it one step further there will be an Outdoor Cob Cooking School on Monday 24th April, a great opportunity for those of you ready to go beyond the pizza! 

Residential accommodation is available at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre. See booking table below for all the different options.

All accommodation is self-catering sharing the main kitchen in the training centre. 

If you’d like to stay longer just let us know and we can let you have a special price.

You may also be interested in other sustainable craft workshops at Denmark Farm including: Willow basket weaving, Roundwood Timber Framing, Build a Compost Toilet and Shave Horse Making. See our events page for the full up to date list.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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