An Introduction to Bushcraft

Date(s) - 5 May 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Are you looking to start your journey in to the world of Bushcraft? Get re-connected with the skills of our ancestors? Or just to demonstrate your new skills to your friends?

re-wild dad

An Introduction to Bushcraft includes: 

  • Light a fire using flint and steel and have a go at some other methods of lighting fires in the wild, we will also look in to the world of natural tinder’s
  • We will discuss knife law, safety and skills. You will then make either a wooden peg, pot hanger or a mushroom.
  • Learn how to build a debris shelter and a lean-to shelter.
  • Have a walk through the woods to learn about the trees and plants, and their uses.
  • Make natural cordage, from nettle, bramble or rush.

Little challenge: Can you keep your fire going long enough to cook your snack on a stick?

Please bring a packed lunch. Hot drinks will be supplied throughout, as well as biscuits.

bushcraft ryan   

This course is aimed at beginners, please keep in mind that it will only be a brief introduction to Bushcraft.bushcraft ryan


Tutor: Ryan Knight-Fox

Ryan is an experienced tutor, having been involved in Forest School for the last 2 years and having now set up his own successful Forest School ‘Knight-Fox Wild About Learning’. He is an Ecologist, Social Forester, Forest School Leader, Coastal School Leader and he has completed his IOL Bushcraft Leader training.

Fee: £36

There will be maximum of 10 places

For terms and conditions of bookings please click here

   bushcraft shelter


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For accommodation during this workshop in our self-catering Eco Lodge, Eco Campsite or Dormitory please do get in touch to check availability.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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