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Attracting Beneficial Insects

Attracting Beneficial Insects

In partnership with the National Botanic Garden of Wales, ‘Growing The Future’ project we are able to offer you an exciting range of gardening courses; providing you with the skills to start growing your own edible garden of delicious fruit & veg.

beneficial insects

Not all bugs are bad; in fact, there are many insects that are beneficial to the garden. There are a number of insects other than bees and butterflies that can act as natural pest controls and on this course you’ll learn how to attract these helpful creatures that pollinate our plants and pray on damaging garden pests.



  • Learn what plants attract beneficial insects
  • Explore the many different beneficial insects and how they can benefit your vegetable garden
  • Find out how to identify friend from foe
  • Learn the importance of biodiversity in the vegetable garden
  • Suitable for growers of all levels

Please note: This course will involve outdoor demonstrations so please come prepared for the weather.

 Tutor: Angie Polkey

Fee: £5

All enquiries and bookings are direct with Growing the Future

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