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Twelve Days towards an Eco Christmas

As a bit of an antidote to ‘Black Friday’ and some of the more commercial and not-so-green festive practices, we’d like to share with you our top 12 ways for a greener Eco Christmas. Let’s all find ways to celebrate and enjoy the season without causing too much damage to the environment, fellow humans and planet.
eco christmas gifts1. Recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce use; Make gift tags from old cards, carefully remove gift wrap and fold it to use again, use old jam jars dressed up with ribbon filled with homemade preserves as presents and many other simple ideas to save resources.
2. Shop locally; support local businesses, producers and craftspeople and events. Look in the listings in the local newspapers and social media to keep any eye on what’s happening locally.
3. Don’t forget to scour all the local second-hand and charity shops for some completely unique treasures which you can wrap up with something sparkly to transform into a truly special gift.
Eco Christmas at Denmark Farm4. If you can’t find what you are looking for locally and do need to shop online, please don’t forget to sign up to and nominate Shared Earth Trust as your charity. At absolutely no cost to you, many companies will give a donation to support our conservation work here at Denmark Farm whenever you make an online purchase.
5. For something completely different, give a ‘experience’ instead of ‘stuff’, buy a Denmark Farm Course Voucher as a memorable gift for a special friend.
6. Send e-cards. Many large charities such as Friends of the Earth, WWF and OXFAM offer this service which provides valuable income, raises awareness of their work, as well as saving trees.
Handmade eco christmas crafts7. For a totally green Christmas, bring masses of greenery indoors during December. Dress it up with home-made decorations, dried fruits, spices, chillies and sparkly stuff then wake up to the fresh smell of pine, bay leaves, cinnamon and oranges each morning.
8. Before you go food shopping, make a well thought out shopping list and stick to it so that you don’t get seduced by all the festive marketing and end up with far more food than you actually need.
9. If you are a small family consider buying something smaller than a turkey for your Christmas dinner. Avoid wasting food by reusing leftovers creatively. Have a look at the FareShare website for lots of ideas to reduce your waste.
Winter holiday in Wales - Eco Christmas at Denmark Farm10. If it all gets too much for you we still have some availability in our cosy Eco Lodge at Denmark Farm during early and mid-December. Make a weekend of it and shop by day and drop by night in front of a blazing wood fire. Or beat the new year rush to book a Eco stay at Denmark Farm in 2016 right now.
11. Feed the birds; as nature’s supplies start to run low, don’t forget to start feeding the birds. Get some helpful advice from the RSPB or your local Wildlife Trust.
12. And after all the festivities are over, why not come to Denmark Farm for a peaceful walk on Boxing Day? – trails open dawn to dusk, no charge.
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