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A Career in Conservation

conservation courses

Are you interested in learning more about wildlife in stunning locations or thinking of a change of career enhancing your own professional development in Field and Conservation Ecology?                     Did you know that Denmark Farm Conservation Centre is one of a handful of interesting venues, in … Continue reading A Career in Conservation »

The Tale of Timothy Grassbug

Timothy Grassbug

…and other stories of wildlife recording. During the first 10 years at Denmark Farm, an intensive programme of wildlife surveys was carried out to monitor the restoration of the site from intensively managed grassland to a mosaic of wildlife-rich habitats. The vast amounts of records in filing cabinets and boxes bear testimony to the huge … Continue reading The Tale of Timothy Grassbug »

Britain’s Smallest Mouse Found at Denmark Farm

Here at Denmark Farm we regularly host a number of ecology and conservation courses, led by tutors from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at Aberystwyth University. Our 40 acre nature reserve provides an ideal study site, and the wildlife records from these courses are a valuable addition to our species monitoring programme. However, … Continue reading Britain’s Smallest Mouse Found at Denmark Farm »

Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A Valuable Skill

Anyone with land to manage would be well advised to start off with a basic survey of the habitats present. This can provide the foundations for management planning, monitoring schemes and more detailed survey work. In the UK we have a standard methodology for such surveys, known as Phase 1 Habitat Survey and here at Denmark Farm … Continue reading Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A Valuable Skill »