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Butterfly Bonanza

The burst of September sunshine this week has made a very welcome change, and our ‘butterfly border’ planted in 2010 by Wildlife Where you Live programme participants  is now living up to its name. The butterflies’ favourite source of nectar at the moment is a white buddleia, with up to 4 small tortoiseshell butterflies vying for the best spot on just a single flower stalk.

Small tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies on buddleia outside our training centre

Other visitors this week have included the comma, red admiral, large white, peacock, green-veined white, and a day-flying silver Y moth. It is a delight to see them all rise into the air around us as we brush past the border on our journeys between the training centre and office.

There will hopefully be the opportunity to see butterflies, as well as plenty of other wildlife on a Nature Walk on 23rd September at 2 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend this free event. Refreshments available for a small donation. This date was originally planned for our annual Open Day, but has now been postponed until the new Eco-accomodation centre is ready for its first public appearance. Watch this space for further details!

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