Business NOT as Usual!

Denmark Farm is now closed to residential guests, and all courses, events and volunteer activities are cancelled until further notice.

This happens to be one of the strangest and most painful blogposts I have ever written. It is soul destroying to put a halt on all the positive activities which are due to take place over the next few months. However, faced with the Covid-19 global pandemic we have no choice but to curtail all of our work.

We are working through our programme of courses and events and either cancelling or postponing these. We are in discussion with all our tutors, mostly self-employed crafts people, and trying to juggle events in our calendar to ensure that as many events as possible can still run later in the year. We aim to minimise disappointment to you and lessen the financial blow to Denmark Farm, which is just a small charity, and for our tutors, as far as possible. If you have booked and paid for an event please bear with us, we will be in touch soon with an update. 

Our ‘boys’ have taken over the Eco Campsite, for the time being, and can be seen enjoying the lush green grass there!

Our Eco Lodge is now closed and we will accept no bookings until we get the all clear and it is safe to travel once again. Our Eco Campsite will be closed until at least the end of May and possibly later subject to developments. The message ‘Please stay at home’ is an important one and we actively support this.

We have also stopped collecting plastics for TerraCycle as it is not safe to be handling waste materials at this time. Please do not bring any pet food pouches, crisp packets or biscuit wrappers to Denmark Farm until we start up again. Keep an eye on our Recycling for TerraCycle page for updates.

The native Welsh daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) blooming in the woods at Denmark Farm.

What is not cancelled, nor postponed, is spring itself!.

On a day like today with the sun shining, native daffodils blooming in the woods, birds singing, tadpoles wriggling in the pond and green buds bursting on every bow, it makes you acutely aware that we are just a small part of nature and nature can heal so much if we allow her. 

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, as a 40 acre nature reserve, will remain open to the public for as long as possible. For the time being it is only those who live within walking distance who can walk here. Over the next few months access to fresh air and nature will be vitally important to everyone for exercise, health and well-being. Please respect staff, our tenant and other visitors (although there are unlikely to be many!) and keep a safe distance. Nature will keep on growing fast at this time of year and without our amazing volunteers we will be struggling to maintain access to trails. In order to help us cover the additional costs of essential site management we are requesting donations from all of our friends and supporters. You can either put your donation into the box in the welcome shelter or donate online at:


Please bear with us if we do not respond to your messages immediately as we are working with a skeleton staff from now until further notice.  

Wishing all of our friends and supporters a healthy and happy few months and looking forward to welcoming you back again very soon. 

2 thoughts on “Business NOT as Usual!”

  1. Nigel Willard

    Mara. We are devastated also. We will be coming back for another trip as soon as all this blows over of that you can be sure x

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