Volunteer: your time for nature

Volunteer for nature: Our autumn and winter Gwaith Dros Natur programme is now available here on our website for you to check out. We have an exciting range of opportunities for you to learn about conservation and how to look after the environment, based on our unique 40 acre reserve at Denmark Farm.  Take your pick … Continue reading Volunteer: your time for nature »

Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A Valuable Skill

Anyone with land to manage would be well advised to start off with a basic survey of the habitats present. This can provide the foundations for management planning, monitoring schemes and more detailed survey work. In the UK we have a standard methodology for such surveys, known as Phase 1 Habitat Survey and here at Denmark Farm … Continue reading Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A Valuable Skill »

Volunteering at Denmark Farm is Like a Box of Chocolates

Yurt Raising at Denmark Farm Eco Cmpsite

To get involved with volunteering at Denmark Farm why not join us for our project ‘Gwaith Dros Natur – your time for nature’? We have several activity days coming up over the next month including a Moth evening, Bird walk, Habitat and trail maintenance, Mosaic making and lots more. All events are free and any level of involvement is hugely appreciated.