Children Play on the Wildside at Denmark Farm

children play on the wildside

For many years we’ve been advocating outdoor play and learning opportunities for children at Denmark Farm. Now in 2015, we have a huge range of opportunities on offer to make this even more accessible and get the little ones outside connecting with nature.   Early Spring Birdsong Walk (Free Event): This gentle walk will involve the opportunity to learn & … Continue reading Children Play on the Wildside at Denmark Farm »

Elves in the woodstore

A recent walk around the reserve revealed several unexpected visitors. Strolling through the woods we spotted something in the distance: Closer inspection revealed some magical activity… We were hoping to see evidence of dormice, but the species we found was rather different: The roundhouse also had some festive residents: The planters by the ecolodge seemed … Continue reading Elves in the woodstore »

Keen for Kestrels

Kestrel Nest Box

We have been lucky to be part of an ambitious project to increase the very small breeding population of Kestrels in Ceredigion. Though still common in England, less than a hundred  pairs breed in Wales. A limiting factor locally is thought to be a lack of suitable nest sites  and with this in mind the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has since 2008 been  installing boxes throughout the county.     Read more about the WTSWW North Ceredigion Kestrel Project   Mike Hayward, Richard Hartnup and Steve Cuttle have now installed a box at Denmark Farm and we are hoping that the rodent rich grassland might be able to support a pair. All we can do  now is wait with fingers crossed. Even if Kestrels are not attracted to the site other species  such as … Continue reading Keen for Kestrels »