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Birds and Berries

On the rare sunny days here at Denmark Farm, the autumnal shades of the trees are providing a scenic backdrop to the golden hue of  the meadows and the contrasting red, green and purples of the berries. We have a number of wild-food hedgerows and berry-bearing shrubs to help provide food for the birds through the autumn and winter:

The British Trust for Ornithology are currently running a Birds and Garden Berries survey, and would like your help to find out which berries provide food, and when. The BTO also provide suggestions for berry-producing plants you can grow.
If you’d like to venture a little further afield, the BTO also need volunteers to get involved with their winter thrush survey in the wider countryside, to fill some of the gaps in our knowledge about the behaviour of winter-visiting thrushes such as redwing and fieldfare as well as our more familiar blackbird and song thrush.
For an opportunity to see our  wild-food planting,  and to spend some time outdoors at Denmark Farm, November 24th is our regular Volunteer day. We have a variety of activities going on, including management of our wildlife-friendly garden shrubbery and some woodland work with local woodsman Tony Eames. The day runs from 10 am to 4 pm – bring your lunch and suitable outdoor clothing. For further information about the day, including lift-sharing, please contact us: 01570 493358  or



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